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The Pop-Up Art Book

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We are honored to add a new name to our pop-up book collection and website. Meet Poposition Press and their wonderful artistic pop-up books. We did a Video Review on their latest pop-up book, The Pop-Up Art Book. Rosston Meyer, who’s representing Poposition Press, and his brother Marc Meyer worked on this project together and successfully crowdfunded it on Kickstarter.

This beautiful pop-up book brings together the six artists Angry Woebots, Skinner, kozyndan, Junko Mizuno, Tara McPherson and Jim Mahfood. The Pop-Up Art Book represents different styles like comic book artwork, street art, illustration and fine art. Each artist contributes with their own original artwork that has been digitally deconstructed and then reconstructed into 6 surprising multidimensional pop-up spreads.

Interview with Rosston Meyer

We have interviewed Rosston Meyer from Poposition Press and asked him about his work and this project for our next review. You can read the interview here: Interview Rosston Meyer Poposition Press

Order The Pop-Up Art Book at Amazon: The Pop-Up Art Book

Published by Poposition Press
Paper Engineering by Rosston Meyer and Marc Meyer
Book Design by Kevin Steele

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