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Pop Up Funk

Pop-Up Funk (Kickstarter Project)

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Pop Up Funk

We love to see pop-up books on Kickstarter! It’s a great way to get your hands on unique titles that most likely will be highly collectible over time. We have already seen some successful campaigns that made it to publication like What a Mess, 24 Hour Flowers and The Struwwelpeter Pop-Up. One of the first successfully funded pop-up book campaigns on Kickstarter was the beautiful Pop-up Funk book, published by Poposition Press. A collaboration between comic artist and illustrator Jim Mahfood and Paper Engineer Rosston Meyer. And here comes the exciting news: Pop-Up Funk is back on Kickstarter with a brand new campaign! Poposition Press, who also did a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign for The Pop-up Art Book, already has a lot of experience as an independent publisher. So investing money as a backer to this campaign is a safe bet. In this article, you will learn more about this beautiful pop-up title and how you can be part of making this publication reality.

Pop-Up Funk is succesfully funded!

February 28, 2020

Pop Up Funk is a beautifully illustrated pop up art book, paper engineered and published by Poposition Press. The book features artist Jim Mahfood’s unique style in a three dimensional pop up format. Pop Up Funk includes six pop up spreads: Funky Beats, Sir?, Grrl Scouts, Pure Gonzo, Everybody Loves Tank Girl, Pop Life and Thrilling.

“A pop up book featuring indie artist Jim Mahfood’s signature style, in three glorious dimensions.”

About Jim Mahfood

Taking influences from American comic books, graffiti art, anime and psychedelic ’60s imagery, Jim Mahfood meshes them into an instantly recognizable and world renowned aesthetic he calls Visual Funk. Mahfood, aka Food One, has worked for every major comic book publisher in his 20+year career (highlights include Kevin Smith’s Clerks comics, Tank Girl, and the creator-owned Grrl Scouts).

Jim has also worked with Playboy, Disney, Nike, Armani, Nissan, NBC, Sony, Comedy Central, Titmouse, Heavy Metal, MTV, and recently provided loading screen artwork for FORTNITE Season 10, along with concept art for SPIDER-MAN: Into the Spider-Verse. Pop Up Funk features 3-D versions of some of Jim’s most well-known work, including Tank Girl, Thrilling and his ongoing Grrl Scouts comic book series.

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Pop Up Funk is available in two editions: the standard Cosmic Queso Edition and the ultra deluxe Neon Jive Edition, which includes a chromatic foil casewrap in a laser etched neon red acrylic slipcase, and is signed by Jim Mahfood. Both editions are available starting 1/29 on Kickstarter at PopUpFunk.com

Jim Mahfood’s Pop Up Funk

Published by Poposition Press

Both editions are available starting 1/29 on Kickstarter.

Support on Kickstarter

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Kickstarter: Pop Up Funk

Artwork: Jim Mahfood
Paper Engineering: Rosston Meyer

More info:

Image credit: Poposition Press

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