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Pop-Up Video Tutorials

There are many helpful pop-up video tutorials to find on YouTube that will help you create your own pop-ups. The videos you’ll find on this page are perfect if you want to learn more about paper engineering and creating pop-ups. You can start by learning all the basic pop-up techniques first or you can just choose a nice pop-up design that you’d like to make yourself and start crafting. It’s all up to you! Also take a look at these pop-up templates and useful pop-up supplies to create the most beautiful pop-ups!

The Pop-Up Channel

Duncan Birmingham is a Paper Engineer and author of several books about making pop-ups. He enjoys to share his knowledge with others by giving workshops and educational classes. Also on his YouTube channel he teaches you how to create all kinds of pop-ups. View playlist.

YouTube Channel: The Pop-Up Channel
Website: www.duncanbirmingham.co.uk

Jessica Tice-Gilbert - Howcast

Jessica Tice-Gilbert is a designer and Paper Engineer who has created and designed pop-ups for several best-selling pop-up books and award-winning greeting cards. She shares her passion for paper crafting with us through these fun and helpful pop-up video tutorials. View playlist.

YouTube Channel: Howcast
Website: www.jesstice.com

Matthew Reinhart

Matthew Reinhart is a Paper Engineer and pop-up book author who is best known for his advanced and best selling pop-up books. On his YouTube channel he teaches you how to make your own pop-ups so take a look at these DIY video tutorials for some paper crafting fun! View playlist.

YouTube Channel: Matthew Reinhart
Website: www.matthewreinhart.com

Peter Dahmen Papierdesign

Peter Dahmen is a designer and paper artist, specialized in paper engineering and pop-ups. He is a developer of pop-up cards and foldable artworks made from paper and cardboard. On his YouTube channel you’ll find some great tutorials to create your own pop-ups. View playlist.

YouTube Channel: Peter Dahmen Papierdesign
Website: www.peterdahmen.de

Keith Allen

Keith Allen is a designer and paper engineer who has created and self-published two wonderful pop-up book titles. He shares his pop-up skills on his YouTube channel where he explains all kinds of pop-up techniques. View playlist.

YouTube Channel: Keith Allen
Website: www.messypopup.com

Make Pop-Up Cards

Katherine Belsey is a designer and Paper Engineer specialized in paper art and pop-ups. On her website you will find lots of information about making pop-ups and also many pop-up video tutorials. These tutorials come in a big variety of creative pop-up designs. Watch videos.

YouTube Channel: Make Pop-Up Cards
Website: www.makepopupcards.com

Creative Pop-Up Cards

On this YouTube channel you’ll find lots of video tutorials on how to make all kinds of pop-up cards. Rich, the creator of this channel, is intrigued by the mechanics of pop-ups and therefore creates pop-up cards that have interesting mechanics, but are also easy to assemble. Watch videos.

YouTube Channel: Creative Pop-Up Cards
Website: www.creativepopupcards.com

These Youtube channels will probably take you busy for a while but if you’re looking for even more pop-up video tutorials, just search for them on YouTube and you will find many other videos that will tell you how to make pop-ups. This is just an overview of the most useful, both fun and educational channels on YouTube right now. Check back here regularly for more pop-up video tutorial channels!

Tools & Supplies

80lb White Cardstock Paper 8.5 x 11 inch

X-ACTO Knife With Safety Cap

Elmer’s Glue-All Extra Strong Multi-Purpose

Genuine Bone Folder and Scoring Tool

Scotch Double Sided Tape 0.5 x 400 inch

Asdirne Scissors Set of 4, Blue & Gray

Officemate Stainless Steel Ruler

Self Healing Double Sided Cutting Mat