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Top rated by customers

This is a selection of pop-up books with the most and highest customer ratings at Amazon and we also picked our favorite quotes to give you a good impression. This list of popular and top rated pop-up books will be regularly updated and we’re always happy to add new names. So do you know a best selling and top rated pop-up book that we’ve missed? Please let us know!

Night Before Christmas

The night before christmas Pop-up Book

“Oh my!”
I collect Night Before Christmas books. I found this one a few days ago at a children’s store. It’s so incredibly beautiful. It has silhouettes, cut-outs, and ends with an insanely beautiful pop-up. It’s a masterpiece.

Paper Engineer: Robert Sabuda
Publisher: Little Simon

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The Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz book

“Simply amazing”
This book is simply amazing. The amount of detail in the pictures and pop-ups is incredible. My little wizard of oz fan is obsessed with it and won’t put it down. You will not be disappointed with this book.

Paper Engineer: Robert Sabuda
Publisher: Little Simon

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Dinosaurs Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia Dinosaurs Pop-up Book

This pop-up book is absolutely stunning! I bought it for my 6 year old nephew and he absolutely flipped over it. Not only are there huge intricately designed pop-ups on each page, there are also 3 to 4 separate pop-ups under informative flaps on each page as well. This book is the best I have ever seen.

Paper Engineers: Sabuda & Reinhart
Publisher: Candlewick

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Star Wars

Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy Pop-up Book

“Most amazing book”
We gave this book as a birthday present to our 6 year old grandson. We were a bit concerned because the pop-ups are very architectural and have amazing detail. We were afraid it might be too complicated for our grandson. It wasn’t! He absolutely loved the book! His father also went crazy over it.

Paper Engineer: Matthew Reinhart
Publisher: Orchard Books

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Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Pop-up Book

“A great gift”
This book is an incredible pop-up book! I purchased it for my four year old daughter. There is too much text to actually read the full story to her but we all know the story about Alice so we make it up and enjoy the pop ups. We love this book and have great interaction reading it and talking about the story and pop-ups!

Paper Engineer: Robert Sabuda
Publisher: Little Simon

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DC Super Heroes

DC Super Heroes Pop-up Book

“The best ever”
This book is a tour de force in this fascinating craft. Six main pop-ups involving multiple mechanisms lunge outward, forward and upward from the pages. I do believe this is the fattest pop-up book in all the history of pop-up books. Augmented by 22 additional pop-ups. Each minor pop-up stand on its own.

Paper Engineer: Matthew Reinhart
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter Pop-up Book

“Great details!”
Wonderful book! We saw this first at a museum that had a 3D art exhibit. I immediately went home and ordered 3 of them, 1 for each of them and one for my 5 year old nephew as well. They all love them! But every little boy that comes over to the house loves this book. I even love it!

Paper Engineer: Bruce Foster
Publisher: Insight Kids

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Cinderella Pop-up Book

“Art in a book”
There are no words to describe how beautiful and awesome this book is. This is an amazing book and anyone the least bit interested in this book should not hesitate to puchase it. I guarantee you’ll want to collect all of their books after seeing this work of art!

Paper Engineer: Matthew Reinhart
Publisher: Little Simon

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Abc3d Pop-up Book

“Just your type”
A delightful pop-up A to Z in a minimalist format that creative folk will love. Almost every letter has a three-dimensional aspect. The look and feel of the book is that it is aimed at grownups. The paper construction is not particularly complex but the overall effect is very creative!

Paper Engineer: Marion Bataille
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press

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Game of Thrones

game thrones Pop-up Book

“A Collector’s Dream”
This is one of my prize possessions now that I’ve got it. Beautifully conceived and executed. What I like is that the thing operates as a book with pages for a limited space, but opens to a virtual Westeros landscape when the back is opened. So inventive! And beautiful! And the price is great!

Paper Engineer: Matthew Reinhart
Publisher: Insight Editions

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