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Autumn Season Gift Ideas

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Welcome to our Autumn Season Gift Ideas guide! To celebrate the the arrival of autumn, we’ve selected the best pop-up books and pop-up cards for you to give as a present to your friends and family. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your dad, sister, grandma or best friend, there’s something special to find for anyone. There’s also a list of best-selling pop-up book titles by our favorite Paper Engineers, it’s all in this Autumn Season Gift Ideas guide!

Pop-up books for the Autumn Season

Chipmunks, pumpkins and lots of colorful leaves… These wonderful pop-up books are the best to get you, your family and your friends directly in the mood for autumn. Are you a lover of this beautiful season or do you know someone who can’t wait for autumn to arrive? Then take a look at the following selection of autumn themed pop-up books to find the perfect gift!

Pop-Up Greeting Cards

Pop-up cards are great! Not just because they are beautiful and surprising but also because it’s a card and a gift combined. These autumn style pop-up cards are perfect to display during the season and will be a true eyecatcher with all their beautiful autumn colors.

Paper Blossoms for All Seasons

Paper Blossoms for All Seasons: A Book of Beautiful Bouquets for the Table is a pop-up book with four spreads that you can also display as a paper bouquet. Paper Engineer Ray Marshall created a pop-up spread for every season, including a beautiful autumn flower arrangement.

Paper Blossoms for All Seasons is available at Amazon!

non-autumn related gift ideas

Down below you’ll find a selection of non autumn related pop-up books. Great pop-up titles by great Paper Engineers for everyone and every taste. Take a look at these pop-up books to find the perfect gift!

New & Upcoming

Popular Movies & Series

Adventurous Pop-Up Books

Fairytales & Lovestories

Art Pop-Up Books

DIY Pop-Up Books

Watch our video reviews, discover books on our ranking lists, find the best pop-up books for kids and much more! We will also keep you updated on new pop-up book releases.

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