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Mother's Day pop-up book gift ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

May 01, 2023Comments off

Mothers Day pop-up templates

DIY Mother’s Day Pop-Up Tutorials

May 01, 2023Comments off

DIY Easter Pop-Up Tutorials

Mar 20, 2023Comments off

Spring & Summer Gift Ideas

Mar 15, 2023Comments off

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Jan 25, 2023Comments off

Christmas Gift Ideas

Nov 29, 2022Comments off

diy christmas pop-up

DIY Christmas Pop-Up Tutorials

Nov 29, 2022Comments off

On this page you’ll find some great DIY Christmas pop-up tutorials and templates to create your own pop-ups and papercrafts for the Holiday season! Video

Halloween Gift Ideas

Oct 17, 2022Comments off

Autumn Season Gift Ideas

Oct 01, 2022Comments off

halloween pop-up template

DIY Halloween Pop-Up Tutorials

Oct 01, 2022Comments off

Halloween is just around the corner and especially for the creative ones, here are some great Halloween pop-up templates and tutorials to make your own

Pop-Up Chess Set

The Pop-Up Chess Set (Kickstarter)

Mar 01, 2022Comments off

We’ve got a brand new Kickstarter campaign to share! This time, it’s a super handy pop-up chessboard created by Paper Engineer David Hawcock and his

Best Pop-Up book Gift Ideas

Pop-Up book Gift Ideas

Jan 15, 2022Comments off

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Jun 06, 2021Comments off

The Complexities of Pop-up (Kickstarter)

Jun 05, 2021Comments off

Great news! Another Poposition Press Kickstarter project! From master paper engineers David A. Carter and James Diaz, the sequel to their well-known The Elements of

Pop-up Book Collector Massimo

Mar 10, 2020Comments off

In this collectors interview, we meet Massimo Missiroli from Italy. He started collecting pop-up books back in 1978 and now owns an impressive collection of