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The Complexities of Pop-up (Kickstarter)

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Great news! Another Poposition Press Kickstarter project! From master paper engineers David A. Carter and James Diaz, the sequel to their well-known The Elements of Pop Up explores advanced pop-up book techniques. A must-have for every Paper Engineer and hobbyist.

Over two decades after releasing The Elements of Pop Up, widely regarded as the best how-to book on making pop-ups, paper engineers David A. Carter and James Diaz have returned with The Complexities of Pop Up. A book packed with complex pop-up techniques and real working examples.

This interactive educational book teaches you how to take the basic pop-up structures from Elements and add complexity to them through advanced techniques. The Complexities of Pop Up also explores how paper can be engineered to use the rigidity, flexibility, and elasticity of paper to achieve spectacular results.

The Complexities of Pop Up includes over 20 working examples of advanced paper engineering techniques, essays on the qualities and history of paper, and traditional vs. laser die-cutting and printed & scored components to quickly and easily build six of the pop-ups from the book.

Published through Poposition Press, two editions of Complexities are available – the standard book as well as a special limited edition signed by both David A. Carter and James Diaz. The special edition comes in a gold foil stamped book and slipcase and is limited to only 100 copies.

The Complexities of Pop Up is currently available on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/34nkkTr

Update: This project was backed within 24 hours and now unlocked two stretch goals which means each copy of Complexities will now include pre-cut pieces for all 22 of the pop-ups in the book!

Contact information
Rosston Meyer
Poposition Press
Email: popositionpress@gmail.com
Telephone: 561-596-0893

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