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We’ve made a nice collection of the finest products that can come in handy if you have a collection of pop-up books. You’ll find the most perfect and beautiful products from amazing bookcases to useful products for the handling and maintenance of your pop-up books.

Check back for new products and handy tips, this page will be updated regularly!

Book Care Products

Pop-up books are very delicate and should therefore be treated with care to keep them decent. Especially when you own a collection you’d probably like to take care of it as good as possible to keep your books in good condition. In this section you’ll find some products that can be useful for the care and maintenance of your pop-up books.

Note: We can not guarantee that these products will work for you, so be sure to use these products properly by following the products description and always be careful when you try things out.

Book Displays

Would you like to show a pop-up spread of one of your favorite pop-up books? Then a nice book display is exactly what you are looking for. The displays down below are perfect for displaying pop-up books and are also great to use at lectures or exhibitions. Your pop-up will draw attention immediately!

Note: Some of these displays come in various sizes. If you want to display a particular pop-up book it might be useful to check for it’s dimensions first to make sure it will perfectly fit with the display. Also some pop-up books will not stand open by itself, you might need some clips to keep the pages open.

Attention! When displaying a pop-up book, do not put your display in direct sunlight! This may cause damage.

Glass Cabinets

What could be better than to showcase your pop-up books in a glass cabinet and always be able to take a look at them whenever you want. Below you’ll find a selection of some beautiful glass cabinets, with or without lighting, that will fit both small and large sized pop-up books. A glass cabinet is also a great eyecatcher during lectures or exhibitions, especially when pop-up books are displayed!

Note: Some pop-up books will not stand open by itself. You might need some bookstands and/or clips to keep the pages open and get it to stand the way you want.

Attention! When displaying pop-up books, do not put your cabinet in direct sunlight! This may cause damage.


Whether you have a big or a small pop-up book collection, there’s a perfect bookcase to find for all of them. Below is a small selection of some fine bookcases which will fit both small and large sized pop-up books. Of course there’s hundreds of beautiful bookcases to find but if you’re currently looking for a bookcase to keep your pop-up book collection, these are some nice and affordable options.