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Pop-up books for kids

This page is all about pop-up books for kids. Pop-up books are fun at any age. Almost every pop-up book mentioned on this website is exciting for children of any age, and grown-ups ofcourse. Depending on your kids interests there’s always a perfect pop-up book to enjoy. Nice to know is that there’s also a bunch of pop-up books specifically made for children of a younger age.  For an example pop-up books can make great books for telling bedtime stories. Children will love these books for the wonderful illustrations and cool pop-up techniques and most likely will never get enough of it. Some pop-up books for kids even have an educational side to it.

Lovely stories in combination with beautiful artwork make these books enjoyable for both parent and kids. Experience a fun and exciting way of learning and reading like never before. Now here’s a list of suggested pop-up books for kids we love:

Lots of Bots!

lots of bots pop-up bookKids will learn counting from 1 to 10 and the more advanced can count all of the 55 Bots in this book! Fantastic pop-ups with lots to look at–things that spin, turn, and bounce; tabs to pull; and lots of movement will keep kids busy for hours.

Author: David A. Carter
Amazon: Lots of Bots!

Sophie’s Ballet Show

sophie ballet show pop up bookA lovely pop-up book about a little girl who joins ballet classes. This book contains big and colourful illustrations, lot’s of exiting pop-up techniques and interactive features. There are tabs to pull, flaps to lift, wheels to turn, and a wonderful pop-up ballet scene on the book’s final two-page spread. A picture book that every little girl will love!

Author: Rosalinda Kightley
Amazon: Sophie’s Ballet Show

Cookie Count

cookie count pop up book robert sabudaA must have of all pop-up books for kids. A pop-up book full of cookies, cookies and… cookies! A tasty book featuring ten pop-up spreads counting from one to ten. The beautiful bright colors and illustrations make this book an absolute feast for the eye! Robert Sabuda created a book that will be counted as a family favorite for years to come.

Author: Robert Sabuda
Amazon: Cookie Count: A Tasty Pop-up

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

hungry catarpillar pop-up book childrenThis is a pop-up edition of Eric Carle’s classic, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The reader will experience the classic story in a new and interactive way as the caterpillar literally pops off the page. The classic story is told across seven beautifully engineered pop-up spreads with tabs to pull, dials to turn and flaps to lift.

Author: Eric Carle
Amazon: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Glitter Gritters

glitter gritters pop-up book childrenTurn each page to meet a new, bright, glittering creature and read laugh-out-loud rhymes and delightful text. With rainbow colors, glittering accents, and brilliant paper engineering. A glowing and gleaming pop-up adventure!

Author: David A. Carter
Amazon: Glitter Critters

A Pop-Up Book of Nursery Rhymes

nursery rhymes pop up book matthew reinhartMatthew Reinhart’s added dimension the classic telling of Mother Goose’s most treasured nursery rhymes.A six spread pop-up book featuring well-known nursery rhymes with classic pictures. This book contains full pop-ups on each spread and even mini books with pop-ups! A great book for telling bedtime stories, kids will love this!

Author: Matthew Reinhart
Amazon: A Pop-Up Book of Nursery Rhymes

Dr. Seuss Pops Up

drseuss pop-up bookThis super deluxe pop-up book celebrates seven of Dr. Seuss’s bestloved classics. An extravaganza of paper-engineering captures the essence of each book using selections from the original text and art. Bold, sturdy pop-ups, gargantuan gatefolds, and spritely slide tabs bring these classics to life!

Author: Dr. Seuss
Amazon: Dr. Seuss Pops Up

Bedtime Bugs

bedtime bugs pop-up book childrenDavid A. Carter’s zany bugs are here to help guide children through their nightly routines. The Bubbly Bugs are taking their baths, the Lullabug is reading a bedtime story, and the Twinkle Bug is shinging bright to grant the wish you wish tonight! This interactive Bugs mini is sure to become a bedtime favorite.

Author: David A. Carter
Amazon: Bedtime Bugs: A Pop-up Good Night Book

A Princess Like Me

princess pop up book matthew reinhartA pop-up book full of bright colors, a lot of different pop-up techniques and much more! We follow a young princess during her daily routines and activities. Pretty dresses, unicorns, tea parties and lots of fun! All is brought to life with pop-ups, pull-tabs, lift-the-flaps, and more. The inside front and back covers will feature a bookplate and a coloring activity.

Author: Matthew Reinhart
Amazon: A Princess Like Me: A Royal Pop-Up