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Pop-up design

If you want to learn more about designing your own pop-ups, you can take a look at our How To Make A Pop-Up Book page on this site. On this page you’ll find links to pop-up designers (paper engineers) and links to tutorials and books that help you to create your own pop-up design.

Most pop-up designs are based on a few basic pop-up techniques like pull, tilt, spin and lifting elements. Not only the popping-out part is important. A good paper engineer also works with motion and animates the way a pop up folds out and moves. This makes the effect and experience of interaction even stronger.

Books about making pop-ups

Books are a great way to learn more about paper engineering and creating pop-ups. Here you’ll find a selection of books about making pop-ups written by various Paper engineers and pop-up book Authors. These handbooks and manuals will teach you how to use all kinds of techniques to create your own pop-ups.

Elements of Pop-Up

elements pop-up design

Every aspect of the creation of a pop-up, known as paper engineering, is clearly and thoroughly covered in this book. It gives you not only all techniques but also real examples of pop-ups in the book itself. All types of parallel folds, angle folds, wheels, and pull tabs are accurately detailed verbally and visually, flat and in dimension. This book is perfect for aspiring pop-up creators, paper engineers, students, and appreciators of this unique art form.

Author: James Diaz and David A. Carter
Amazon: Elements of Pop-Up

Pop-Up Design and Paper Mechanics

Paper Mechanics pop-up designThis comprehensive guide is a delightful introduction to a fun and fascinating craft-and it’s perfect for designers, illustrators, and hobbyists. The author’s accessible and logical approach to pop-ups eliminates measuring and requires only card, scissors and glue to make highly complex folding sculptures. He demonstrates how to construct sophisticated pop-up designs, fashion a 3D reference book, design beautiful greeting cards, and more.

Author: Duncan Birmingham
Amazon: Pop-Up Design and Paper Mechanics

Playing with Pop-Ups

playing pop-ups paper designEnter the enchanting world of pop-ups and handmade paper crafts. This book guides you through materials, tools and pop-up basics including parallel folds, angle folds, combinations and variations, and layered pop-ups. Enjoy creating 20 projects to play with ranging from cards and books to buildings, graphic design pieces, and more, plus access to downloadable templates.

Author: Helen Hiebert
Amazon: Playing with Pop-ups

Pop-Up: Everything You Need

everything you need to create your own pop-upDo you delight in seeing an ingenious pop-up “pop” but feel utterly daunted at the thought of making one yourself? Get your hands on this all-in-one guide and kit, combining the simplest of instructions and the coolest of components for creating a pop-up dragon, castle, jungle scenario, and Frankenstein scene. And for those inspired to learn more, there’s also a guide to basic folds and techniques.

Author: Ruth Wickings
Amazon: Pop-Up: Everything You Need