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How Santa Really Works Pop-Up Book

How Santa Really Works: Fabulous Pop-Up Edition

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Where does Santa live? How does he know what you want for Christmas and where do all the toys come from? How Santa Really Works not only gives answers to these questions, it also takes the reader on a journey trough the World of Santa Claus and shares all the secrets you always wanted to know. Snowy landscapes, the Letters Department, Santa’s workshop, lots of Elves and a spectacular Christmas party for Santa’s workers, it’s all in this fabulous pop-up edition of How Santa Really Works.

“Have you ever wondered how Santa knows exactly what you want for Christmas?”

This beautiful Christmas pop-up book already is a collectable classic. How Santa Really Works is out of print for a while and we would love to see it back in the market one day. This pop-up edition was published back in 2010 by Simon & Schuster and as we speak last copies are getting sold. This makes it a lot more difficult to get one for a fair price but it’s all worth it, especially for a pop-up book collector.


The illustrations by Alan Snow literally jump of every page together with the pop-ups. The rich and colorful artwork is a joy to look at. And just like the original, this book also contains a lot of humor and jokes what makes it a fun read. The amount of details is stunning and there’s so much going on, you just can’t get your eyes of it. Every single piece of paper in this book is printed on both sides what makes the pop-up spreads in this book even more interesting to look at from different angles. Alan Snow did a great job merging and expanding the orignal artwork into three dimensional pop-up scenes. It really works!


We don’t know which came first; the artwork or the story? We can be sure about one thing, it all fits together perfectly. The text makes it more fun to study the illustrations and vice versa. Alan Snow’s vision of Santa’s World is a amusing and a fun read, even for adults. The story of How Santa Really Works brings everyone in the mood for Christmas. Our favorite is the Letters Department spread. It’s the most simple pop-up spread in this book but the handwritten letters steal your heart right away. The most adorable stories are hidden behind tiny lift-the-flap postcards who are addressed to Santa Claus.

Paper engineering

The paper engineering by Maggie Bateson is solid, straight forward and almost feels like it’s inspired on the work of classic Paper Engineers like Vojtěch Kubašta. There even are some movable parts what also makes it more fun and interactive. Every pop-up spread is sturdy and pops-in and out with ease. The strong paper that is used for the pop-ups also contributes to the total strength of the pop-ups. All together this pop-up book really is “kid proof” and pop-ups won’t tear that easy.

Order at Amazon: How Santa Really Works: Fabulous Pop-Up Edition

Paper engineering: Maggie Bateson
Text and illustrations: Alan Snow
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

About the Author
Alan Snow was born in Kent. After studying fashion at Salisbury College of Art, he worked in various trades, including tree surgery, sound engineering, animation, papermaking and mixing flavours into yoghurt. He is the author of The Truth About Cats and How Dogs Really Work.

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