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Preview: LEGO Pop-Up: A Journey through the LEGO Universe

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Exclusive preview of the LEGO Pop-Up: A Journey through the LEGO Universe by Matthew Reinhart (Cover/interior shown not final)

Pre-order at Amazon: LEGO Pop-Up: A Journey through the LEGO Universe

A LEGO pop-up for fans

Pop-up book creator and paper engineer Matthew Reinhart created the first ever LEGO pop-up book! A giant pop-up book with 10 pop-ups in total. In this video we review a promotional sampler (signed by Matthew Reinhart) to give you a sneak preview of one of the spreads that is included in this spectacular pop-up title. You’ve seen it first at BestPopUpBooks.com! We can’t wait to review the complete book so stay tuned for the complete review coming up later this year.

Back cover synopsis:

Dive into LEGO® fun with this spectacular pop-up book from New York Times bestselling paper engineer Matthew Reinhart. Part storybook, part comic strip, all fun, LEGO Pop-Up tells the LEGO story with equal amounts of facts, fun, and adventure!

LEGO Pop-Up tells the LEGO story and contains a great amount of facts, fun and adventure! It comes with a variety of featured pop-ups, pull tabs, turning wheels and more. The book will be available on September 27 and will absolutely be a must have for both LEGO and pop-up fans. For those who want to be first to reach, it’s already available for pre-order at Amazon

Pronounced release date: September 27, 2016.

Author: Matthew Reinhart
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

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Matthew Reinhart is one of the best pop-up book authors from this moment. Reinhart, also known as writer and paper engineer, developed a lot of pop-up books and picture books for children.

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