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Advanced pop-up tutorials by Keith Allen

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If you want to learn more about paper engineering and how some techniques work, you can now find some great video’s on YouTube made by Keith Allen. We’ve already introduced you to Keith Allen, talented artist and paper engineer who’s working at his newest pop-up book What a mess. Lucky for us,  Keith shares the progress of his 5am project and the development of What a mess on his social media channels. It’s amazing to see a project like this grow into an impressive and advanced engineered pop-up book. Not only the artwork is amazing but the diversity of used pop-up techniques for the main spreads makes this book even better and more impressive. We will let you know when you can order this pop-up book yourself. We can’t wait to review What a Mess for our website and YouTube channel.

How to make angle folds

How to make a pop-up book

We will have to be patient and until that time we can enjoy some insights about how this book is build. Keith has published a series of interesting tutorials for the more experienced paper engineers about how to engineer techniques like angle folds, building platforms, tabs and sliders. This is not your usual “how to make a birds beak” or “stage that pops out” tutorial. This is a closer and more technical look at how complicated pop-ups are build and how they work.

Sliders and Tabs

Opposing angle folds

Mini-tutorial Coils

3D box with platform

Platform and angle folds

Angle Fold Box

Don’t forget to subscribe to Keiths YouTube channel and you’ll be updated about his upcoming projects and tutorials. Highly recommended for (beginning) paper engineers!

Keith Allen is a designer, illustrator and paper engineer who lives in Cleveland, Ohio with his lovely wife and children. Keith lives a busy life working as a designer at American Greetings.

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