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Pop-up book authors

Meet the masters and creators of the most famous pop-up book titles from this moment. Shown below you’ll find a list of the pop-up book authors we mention and review on our website. You can also visit our pop-up book Amazon Store to shop by author. This list will be regularly updated and we’re always happy to add new names, so are you a pop-up book author or do you know one that can not be missed? Please let us know!

Matthew Reinhart

matthew reinhart

Matthew Reinhart, also known as writer and paper engineer, developed a lot of pop-up books and picture books for children. He works and lives in New York City. Reinhart created several pop-up books including STAR WARS – Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy, DC COMICS Super Heroes – The Ultimate Pop-Up Book and Transformers – the Ultimate Pop-Up Universe. Matthew Reinhart Video Reviews

Matthew Reinhart at Amazon

Robert Sabuda

robert sabuda

Robert Sabuda is one of the biggest names in pop-up culture. One of the must have children’s pop-up book authors. He works from his studio in New York and is active in many projects involving movable paper. Sabuda is the creator of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the Little Mermaid, the Beauty and the Beast and more. Robert Sabuda Video Reviews…

Robert Sabuda at Amazon

Bruce Foster

bruce foster

Bruce Foster is a paper engineer working on books, movies and games. He created many pop-up books for publishers, museums and companies. He is the creator of the pop-up book Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Book: Based on the Film Phenomenon and was also responsible for the pop-up scenes in Disney’s Enchanted. Bruce Foster Video Reviews…

Bruce Foster at Amazon

Kees Moerbeek

Kees-Moerbeek2Kees Moerbeek is a Dutch paper engineer and illustrator of children’s books. He works and lives in the Netherlands. Moerbeek is known for the Roly Poly Box Books and he created pop-up book titles such as Wicked The Musical: A Pop-Up Compendium of Splendiferous Delight and Thrillifying Intrigue and Aesop’s Fables: A Pop-Up Book of Classic Tales. Kees Moerbeek Video Reviews…

Kees Moerbeek at Amazon

David A. Carter

David-A-carterDavid A. Carter is the mastermind behind the famous One Red Dot pop-up book, was a New York Times best-seller and was highly praised by Newsweek and Entertainment Weekly magazines. He is also the author of the popular Blue 2 pop-up book. His Easter Bugs was a #1 New York Times bestseller for three years.

David A. Carter at Amazon

David Hawcock

author_avatarDavid Hawcock is the paper engineer known for many titles including Dracula: A Classic Pop-Up Tale and The Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Book. He lives with his wife Claire and their two children in Bath and runs his own paper engineering company David Hawcock Books, a company devoted to the conception, design and production of pop-up art and three-dimensional paper-engineered products.

David Hawcock at Amazon

Shawn Sheehy

Shawn SheehyShawn Sheehy is a paper engineer and pop-up book creator who lives and works in Chicago. His love and interest in themes like ecology and evolution has led to the creation of the beautiful Welcome to the Neighborwood pop-up book. Shawn also presents many workshops about pop-up engineering across the country.

Shawn Sheehy at Amazon

Rosston Meyer

Rosston Meyer is a designer and pop-up book creator with a love for art and pop culture. He mixes modern street and pop art which has led to the creation of titles such as Pop-Up Funk and The Pop-Up Art Book. Rosston is currently working on more art pop-up book projects through Poposition Press. Rosston Meyer Video Reviews…

Rosston Meyer at Amazon

Marion Bataille

marion bataille

Marion Bataille is a graphic artist, illustrator and also known as pop-up book author, currently working and living in France. She is the author of best selling books ABC3D and 10. She’s know for her simplistic but effective style and minimal use of colors. ABC3D is very populair on YouTube and one of the best viewed pop-up book video’s on YouTube. Marion Bataille Video Reviews…

Marion Bataille at Amazon

Becca Zerkin

Becca ZerkinBecca Zerkin is a paper engineer known for several pop-up books in which she collaborated with Matthew Reinhart. She recently released her first pop-up book, The Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Book based on the popular AMC series The Walking Dead. Besides making pop-up books she also loves to teach others to make pop-ups by giving workshops. Becca lives in North Carolina with her husband and children.

Becca Zerkin at Amazon