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What’s in the mail today?

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Lucky us! This week we’ve received three special pop-up books by mail. It’s hard to keep up with our schedule when new and great pop-up books get send to us, because we would love to make a review about all these books as quickly as possible. To keep you updated (as promised) we will share some first impressions and photo’s of books that will be reviewed soon…

What a Mess

This is something special. A collectors dream to be more specific. Keith Allen sent us a unique signed copy of What a Mess! During the process of designing and creating this pop-up book, Keith has assembled three hand made prototype books and we’ve just received the very first book he has made. As you may know, the indie publication of the wonderful pop-up book What a Mess! starts it’s campaign at Kickstarter on September 6th this year. So this is really exclusive and we’re honored to be the first to review this personal favorite of ours.

Stay tuned for our video review and special about What a Mess! that will be published the day the campaign starts. We already have some photo’s to share with you!

Keith and his 5:am project What a Mess! is nominated (and a finalist) for the Meggendorfer Artist Book Prize at the upcoming Movable Book Society conference.

Midnight Creatures

Yesterday we’ve also received a copy of Midnight Creatures by Helen Friel. A very fun and surprising pop-up book that lets you play with light to create shadows from pop-up’s that reveal all kinds of animals hidden in their habitat!

You can already (pre)order Midnight Creatures at Amazon. We will make a review about this original pop-up title soon.

A Day In Rehoboth Beach

As a special bonus, Keith Allen send us a signed copy of his first engineered pop-up book A Day In Rehoboth Beach. A very nice pop-up book that we will review for the fans of Keiths work. It’s a unique collaboration with Keith and his brother Brian Allen and their Grandmother Joanne DeFiore.

We think you’ll like this a lot because of it’s beautiful sunny illustrations and basic but effective paper engineering. This book will also be on our list to review soon…

Watch our video reviews, discover books on our ranking lists, find the best pop-up books for kids and much more! We will also keep you updated on new pop-up book releases.

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