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The Superhero Adventure Playset

The Superhero Adventure Playset

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This fold-out carousel titled The Superhero Adventure Playset is huge! Inside this pop-up book, that is a perfect stage for ultimate superhero battles, you’ll find three beautifully illustrated scenes: the awesome cityscape by night, the fearsome Fire Ice Caves that are too hot to handle, and the evil villain’s Laboratory of Doom that will shock you. All together this playset comes with 12 superheroes, their sidekicks, a super fast supercar and evil villains. Lots of evil villains!

“Save the day every day with the Superhero Playset!”

This very cool playset, published by Laurence King, is illustrated by cartoon artist and freelance illustrator Jason Ford. It’s a colorful and eye-popping pop-up book that contains everything you need to create and play your own superhero stories! Even though this title is a more basic pop-up book for kids, we really enjoyed the rich and colorful artwork. The scene’s are mostly build in box layers with details of parallel, v-fold and box pop-ups. It all works pretty solid what makes it very playable for kids.

All the characters above are included in this book. One of the advantages of a carousel book is that it’s very compact when it’s closed. The characters are easy to build up and very easily to take apart and store in the envelope. Very handy when you’re traveling with your kids!

The Superhero Adventure Playset is part of a series of four Superhero books. Together with this pop-up book there’s also a Superhero Handbook, Superhero Comic Kit and a Super Hero book for Super Heroes. So if you can’t get enough of this, make sure to check out the other books that are linked below this page. And for those who want to get started right away, on Laurence King’s website you’ll find cool and free PDF files from the Super Hero Comic kit.

About the Author:

Jason Ford has worked as a freelance illustrator since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1989. A diet of Tintin and Marvel comics as a child, and a continuing love of French and Belgian bandes dessinées have contributed to his approach to image making. His work has been commissioned by clients including Royal Mail, the New York Times, American Airlines, Orange, Penguin Books, Random House and the Guardian.

If you would like to know more about the artist Jason Ford, his art, projects and illustrations you should definitely take a look at Jason’s portfolio and visit his website at mrjasonford.weebly.com.

Order at Amazon: The Superhero Adventure Playset

Author: Jason Ford
Published by Laurence King Publishing

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