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The Struwwelpeter Pop-Up (Kickstarter)

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In 1845 Heinrich Hoffman created Der Struwwelpeter for his son in response to what he perceived to be a lack of good children’s books. The book became widely popular among children and adults.

A brand new Kickstarter pop-up project kicked off recently! A campaign by Artist Marianne R. Petit who illustrates, makes pop-up books, animations, interactive experiences and much more. A couple of years ago, Marianne created a series of handmade editioned books (accordion, pop-up, carousel, tunnel, and more) based on Heinrich Hoffman’s storybook Der Struwwelpeter. She was completely inspired by this theme and decided to start a Kickstarter campaign.

“Anyone can build their own Shockheaded Peter toys, sculptures, and more… “

So now, with this Kickstarter Project, the work of Marianne is ready to be shared with the World. There are lots of rewards to choose from, including a single volume pop-up book complete with scroll, DIY papercraft activities, an electronic version of the book complete with animations and also coloring book pages.

Der Struwwelpeter

Welcome to the strange sadistic world of Heinrich Hoffman. The young characters in Hoffman’s stories suffer from terrible moral punishment because of their misbehavior. Somewhere before 1845, Heinrich Hoffman wrote Der Struwwelpeter for his son. He created this bundle of ten stories because of the lack of good children’s books. Heinrich must have thought that there’s nothing educational about princesses and dragons. Children should learn from their mistakes and death, mostly gruesomely.

After its publication in 1845, the book became widely popular among children and adults. And still is! Especially among adults, who are fascinated by the fact that these classic stories for children were so extremely cruel and child-unfriendly. Not convinced yet? How about the story of Pauline and the Matches. The moral here is: if you play with fire you will burn to death. Or the story of Augustus Who Would Not Eat His Soup that will warn you that if you don’t eat what you are given, you will starve to death and die.


Support this project

It’s so important for projects like this to reach their goal. Without the support of backers, it would not be possible to take the next and final step to production. Support Marianne on Kickstarter to help realize this pop-up project. You can pledge, starting from $35,- for a digital copy of the book, complete with animations and multimedia and $60,- for the pop-up book itself. It’s also possible to donate a couple of dollars, just to help Marianne on her way to reach the goal of $40.000.

Pledge $60 or more

The Pop-Up Book

1 Hardcover copy of the book + Scroll
AR Animations and multimedia

Support on Kickstarter

(image may vary from final product)

If you would like to know more about this project and the work of Marianne, visit the links below and don’t forget to share this with your friends. A share is worth at least the same as a donation!

Artwork: Marianne R. Petit
Paper Engineering: Marianne R. Petit
Stories: Heinrich Hoffman

Link to Kickstarter Project: The Struwwelpeter and More Morbid Pop-Up Tales
More info at mariannerpetit.com

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