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Sneak peek: The Nightmare before Christmas and Harry Potter

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We’re counting the days until two of Matthew Reinhart’s new pop-up titles are available. We already shared the new cover artwork and a mock-up of the upcoming Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Hogwarts. And last week, new cover artwork of Tim Burton’s the Nightmare before Christmas pop-up book was added to the Amazon store. So just like we did with the Harry Potter book, we also made a mock-up of this new pop-up title and it looks beautiful! We’ve asked Matthew Reinhart to share more about his upcoming pop-up books and like you’ll see, it’s going to be something to look forward to!

In the gallery above, from left to right: A shot with Sally in the foreground, the Mayor and Jack. In the middle a short clip of a pull-tab scene with a tall Jack who rises out of the spread. And on the right of this gallery, you can see a concept of an advent calendar that also will be released this year! The combination of Matthew Reinhart’s beautiful illustration style and stunning paper engineering is a joy to look at. Based on the images above, we think that this book is going to be mostly black!

“Experience Tim Burton’s iconic film like never before with this nightmarish pop-up of monstrous proportions!”

Last week, Matthew already revealed a part of the cover and we just discovered that high-resolution artwork of the complete cover is added to the Amazon product page! We couldn’t resist to also make a mock-up of The Nightmare Before Christmas Pop-Up book that will be released this fall.

And then this happened: A couple of days after our post about the cover mock-up, the image got pulled of Amazon and was replaced by new artwork with a brighter background and a slightly different illustration in the center of the layout. Both versions look beautiful and we will have to wait until the release day to see what the final version will be.

Amazon description:

Experience Tim Burton’s iconic film like never before with this nightmarish pop-up of monstrous proportions! From the renowned paper engineer Matthew Reinhart comes a mind-blowing retelling of this classic story in gravity-defying pop-up artwork on every page. A celebration marking the twenty-fifth anniversary of the groundbreaking movie, this is the perfect item for avid The Nightmare Before Christmas fans, holiday ghouls, and undead merrymakers alike.


Did you notice the tombstone at the bottom of the cover? How about that for a cool book credit! If you’re a fan like us, and you’re familiar with the dark humor of Tim Burton, you wouldn’t be surprised. But still, it’s one of the coolest book credits we’ve ever seen on a cover.

And there’s also more to share about the upcoming Harry Potter pop-up Book! The images above are screenshots of die-lines in a nesting sheet that looks like a jigsaw puzzle. This nesting sheet is filled with Kevin M. Wilson’s artwork of Harry and Hermione. When cut-out, these parts will finally form the pop-ups.

If you follow Matthew Reinhart on his Facebook or Instagram, you know you’re in for some good treats. This week Matthew shared some Jelly Beans and a sneak peek video of a white dummy of the Hogwarts Castle spread that will be part of a giant unfoldable map. Just like the amazing Game of Thrones: A Pop-up Guide to Westeros, this new Harry Potter pop-up book will be a combination of a book and 3D map with great proportions. Click here to read more about how this will work. The white dummy already looks very detailed, even without the artwork!

Product information:

Amazon link: Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Hogwarts
Paper engineering: Matthew Reinhart
Artwork: Kevin Wilson
Published by: Insight Editions

Amazon link: The Nightmare Before Christmas Pop-Up
Artwork and Paper engineering: Matthew Reinhart
Published by: Disney Editions

Image credits: Warner Bros, Insight Editions, Matthew Reinhart and Disney Editions

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