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Social media round-up #01

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This is the first edition of our Social Media round-up. In this column we will keep you updated about all the news, fun stuff and everything else that we can find at Social Media about pop-up books and paper engineers. In this first round-up we will discuss some new artwork, details about upcoming pop-up books and more. Do you have something fun or interesting about pop-up books to share with us? Please let us know and make sure you follow BestPopUpBooks.


Raven Pop-up Book

The very first images of the recently published The Raven pop-up book created by David Pelham appeared on twitter. You’ll find a complete overview of every spread and some interesting background information at the website of Abrams & Chronicle Books. The beautiful artwork of Christopher Wormell decorates the pop-ups that are basic but fit the story perfect. This book contains no mini-pop-ups but some hidden “lift the flap” text fields that tell the story so it doesn’t distract from the artwork. Our first impression is that The Raven is stylish and dark and it’s already on our wish list.

Image credit: Abrams & Chronicle Books

LEGO Pop-up

Matthew Ashton (@Disconeedsme), designer at LEGO, shared some photo’s of the LEGO pop-up book by Matthew Reinhart. Ashton, mentioned at the credits of this book, was lucky to receive one of the first copies and shared it on twitter right away. One spread shows a giant composition of LEGO characters and some mysterious mini pull pop-ups that look very interesting.

Image credit: @Disconeedsme

World of Final Fantasy

David Hawcock (@Davidhawcock) posted artwork of the Playstation 4 game World of Final Fantasy special collectors edition. David created a pop-up in the middle of this box that looks like a giant book. It looks great and we’re sure that fans of the game will love this!


Midnight Creatures

Paper engineer Helen Friel (@helenfriel) shared a photo on Instagram from her upcoming pop-up title Midnight Creatures. We’ve asked Helen to tell us more about this unique pop-up concept:

It’s an interactive pop up book. Each spread is a habitat (jungle, cave, underwater etc.). You place the open book about 30cm from a wall and shine a torch through the page. As the reader moves the torch around animal shapes appear on the wall. You have to get your torch at the right distance and angle to find every animal hidden in the habitat – it’s essentially shadow art in a pop up book.

Helen also told us that soon there will be an animation which shows how it works. We will keep you updated and share it when we know more about it.


J.K. Rowling’s new pop-up book

Candlewick Press has shared a post from Entertainment Weekly with new artwork of the upcoming J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World: A Pop-Up Gallery of Curiosities (Pre-order at Amazon). Paper engineering by James Diaz and illustrations by Sergio Gómez Silván.

Junko Mizuno’s Triad pop up book

Rosston Meyer from Poposition Press is teasing us with updates about the upcoming Junko Mizuno’s Triad pop-up book. Triad has five pop up scenes based on Junko’s original Triad artwork. A special limited edition of the book will have an exclusive 6th pop up, an acrylic art slipcase, plus other surprises. Rosston almost finished all five spreads and shared an overview of the spreads together. It looks stunning!  Paper engineer Simon Arizpe did the engineering on the ‘Tree’ spread.

Also, Rosston Meyers The Pop-Up Art Book has been selected to be a Meggendorfer Artist Book Prize finalist at the upcoming Movable Book Society conference. Congrats with that Rosston!

Image credit: Poposition Press

Welcome to the Neighbourwood

Shawn Sheehy shared a photo of a giant pop-up from his wonderful pop-up book Welcome to the Neighbourwood. This spread will be displayed in August at the Peninsula School of Art. And what a great idea! We would love to see more paper engineers that make blow ups from pop-up spreads!

Up Up Pop-Up

José Alberto Rodrigues created a Portuguese pop-up book fan page Up Up Pop-Up where he displays his collection and shares his passion for pop-ups. We know José is a pop-up book collector with a great taste for art books and look forward to what he’s going to share with us in the future. No need to speak Portuguese because the pictures alone are all worth it to follow his page. 


Pop-up basics by Keith Allen

We were already were exited about Keith Allen’s YouTube tutorials about some advanced paper engineering techniques that he used for his book What a Mess. Keith now started a new series of tutorials about basic techniques. It’s called Pop-up Book 101 and you can see the first episode here. Keith also provides free DIY templates at his website MessyPopUp.com.

3000 subscribers

This week we’ve reached over 3000 subscribers! Our BestPopUpBooks YouTube Channel is getting bigger and bigger and we have new subscribers joining every day. We can’t wait to reach the next milestone and we’re very happy with the development of our YouTube channel. Thank you to all subscribers!


Watch our video reviews, discover books on our ranking lists, find the best pop-up books for kids and much more! We will also keep you updated on new pop-up book releases.

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