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Rockshow – A photographic Pop-Up Book now on KickStarter

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Rockshow – A photographic Pop-Up Book is now available on crowdfunding platform KickStarter. Good news for pop-up book collectors who love classic rock music and live concerts. This is a brand new project created by Angelo Ferrari who we interviewed for this article. It’s the first photographic pop-up book about rock concerts with original photographic footage by famous photographers like Fin Costello and Alan Perry. The minimum funding goal for this project is set to €50,000,- with a deadline of 30 days. The book will be shipped worldwide and has an estimated delivery date of April 2016. There’s also a “pop-up deluxe” version which contains an unpublished Jimy Hendrix’s pop-up, numbered and signed by the author.

About the book

This Rockshow pop-up book is not for kids. This is a pop-up book for adult rock fans. It tells the story of music through three-dimensional reconstructions of the most famous live stages in rock history. The Rockshow pop-up book contains seven pop-ups and 13 pages of information, in English, Spanish and French. Each pop-up represents a historical rock concert or tour. The pop-ups are designed with great care for details by using the same instruments, clothing and stage designs.

Interview with the author

We have interviewed Angelo Ferrari about his project an interest in pop-up books:

BPUB – What’s your history with paper and paper engineering?
AF – I am a TV Producer and I write TV shows. Therefore my daily life is quite far from the world of paper. Three years ago I was with my new born daughter Ada and some other young kids (friends of her) and I came across Alice in Wonderland by Robert Sabuda. I was enchanted by the mechanisms and the folding paper of his book so that the next day I bought two copies of it. I tore apart and dismounted one of them and tried to put it back together. I fell in love with doing it straight away so I decided to try to make something of my own. One of my greatest passion is hard rock music, so the choice was quite straightforward and my first pop-up theme was AC/DC. I really enjoyed it and continued putting together enough material to realize a book. This is how Rockshow was born. The very first and only photographic pop-up book about the history of rock. Now I only hope Rockshow will be appreciated enough to become a success.

BPUB – Who are your favorite and most inspiring pop-up book authors or paper engineers?
AF – I got into making pop-ups as I was enchanted by a book of Sabuda, then I got to know the works of Reinhart, David Pelham and others. The books I like the most are those unconventional ones. The Italian Dario Cestaro, David A. Carter and Benjamin Lacombe produced such beautiful things.

BPUB – What’s the most difficult/technical spread in your book and why?
AF – What I’m trying to realize are pop-ups based on real photographs. It is not easy to adapt the hard, unpliable structure of a photo to the mechanism of pop-ups. My pop-ups involve simultaneously a specific technique for every specific photo. Furthermore I decided to reconstruct the sets of the greatest rock concerts in detail, therefore respecting the very original ratio of that specific stage is a further issue to be considered.

BPUB – In case you reach your goal on KickStarter, how will you start up the production?
AF – Everything is set already. There are two companies ready to produce Rockshow. One is located in China and the other one in Thailand. The choice of which company will depend on the number of copies to produce and from the availability of the company itself at that time.

BPUB – What do you think about pop-up books in general?
AF – I think that the magic of pop-ups is indisputable. Unfortunately, the idea of pop-up, directly refers to kids and childhood books. If we could manage to get out of that idea, I truly believe the pop-up technique could find a place in any field.

BPUB – What do you think of bestpopupbooks.com?
AF – I think it’s great. There are very few websites where you can find out information about such a specific and not yet popular subject. Your website is really well done and designed, you can find lots of information, news, tips and contacts. My best congratulations to you.

Thank you Angelo!

We hope that Angelo Ferrari’s project reaches its target so we can add a new original pop-up title to the list of great pop-up books. You can help Angelo by donating at least €5,- for his project or pledge for a copy of his book on KickStarter.

Useful links:
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Website Angelo Ferrari
YouTube video about the project

Inspiring authors
Robert Sabuda
Matthew Reinhart
Dario Cestaro
Benjamin Lacombe
David A. Carter

Watch our video reviews, discover books on our ranking lists, find the best pop-up books for kids and much more! We will also keep you updated on new pop-up book releases.

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