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Pop-Up Book Exhibition (April 22, Portugal)

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It’s great to see how passionate pop-up book collectors are when it comes to sharing their collections with the rest of the world. This time, on April 22, pop-up book collector José Alberto Rodrigues will have an exhibition of his collection in a municipal library in Portugal. This exhibition contains a part of his pop-up book collection that almost has reached the impressive number of 250 books. The exhibition will be held in Oliveira de Azeméis. All the graphic material used for this exhibition, is created by Graphic Designer Dino Vázquez and is inspired by the book The Jungle of local hero and writer Ferreira de Castro.

The exhibition also contains: Pop-up book master classes, workshops (for both children and adults) and a roundtable on animated books. There’s a lot to see, learn and to do for everyone. This exhibition also has a very surprising twist because every week, another page of each book will be displayed. So this exhibition will “refresh” for many weeks what makes it extra interesting for returning visitors.

José Alberto Rodrigues is Portuguese. He graduated as a teacher of Visual Arts and has a MSc and PhD in Multimedia in Education. He started collecting movables and pop-up books about 9 years ago and his collection has grown ever since. Read all about José’s impressive pop-up book collection in our Collectors interview.

For all members of Up Up Pop-Up there will be a free printable template available to create your own beautiful Jungle themed Pop-Up postcard so make sure you follow Up Up Pop-Up!

This Pop-up Book exhibition will take place from APRIL 22 to MAY 27
at the Ferreira de Castro Municipal Library in Oliveira de Azeméis (Portugal)

Image credit portrait José @shortcutzovar


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