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Pop-up Book Collector Elisa

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In this collector interview we are going to meet Elisa Gozzi and her pop-up book collection. Elisa, who also won a prize with our Giveaway event, is a student of Art History in Bologna, Italy and in her free time she’s helping associations that organize pop culture and comic events. 

Elisa has been collecting pop-up books for 10 years now and collecting pop-up books probably is something she took from her family. Elisa’s family also likes to collect all kinds of beautiful things for their “Wunderkammer” like antique objects, furniture and paintings.


BPUB – What’s the first pop-up book you bought?
EG – I didn’t actually bought it, but I received my very first pop up book from my dad when he went to Paris 10 years ago and he gave me Alice’s adventures in Wonderland by Robert Sabuda as a present. He was amazed by this book and he wanted me to love it as well. It ended up being a true passion for collecting pop up books.

BPUB – Who are your favorite pop-up book authors or paper engineers?
JY – I’d say the most popular Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart, their books are true masterpieces, but I’d mention Junko Mizuno too, who’s not really a paper engineer but her TRIAD pop-up book is amazing.

“My idea about pop up books: they’re not books for children, they’re art”

Elisa Gozzi

BPUB – What are your favorite books in your collection and why?
EG – It’s not easy to pick a few books since they’re all works of art but if I had to choose I’d say Jeux t’aime by Appert Carole and Vidaling Raphaele because it faces the theme of love and sexuality in a delicate and artistic way, for example in this book we find a large map of love where every part hide a particular subliminal image, there is also a page that opens on a giant naked woman that could be dissected and inside of her we find pieces of poetry. It’s visionaire and unique and I think that explains perfectly my idea about pop up books: they’re not books for children, they’re art.

BPUB – How many books are there in your collection?
EG – Since I received the lovely Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pop up book from your giveaway, I’ve got 44 pop up books.

BPUB – What book is missing or will be the first one you’ll order next?
EG – Definitively Skinner’s Necronomicon. I am a huge Lovecraft fan, so when I heard about this pop up book and saw the sneak peeks I immediately loved them. Also, I went to New York Comic Con a few days ago and I could see and touch the amazing This Book is a Planetarium by Kelli Anderson: it’s such a great book and soon it will enter my collection.

BPUB – If you could choose a subject for a new pop-up book by your favorite author, what would it be?
EG – Please make an Adventure Time pop up book! It’s such a colorful and surrealist tv show that if it turned into a pop up it would be truly amazing.

BPUB – Is there anything else you would like to share with other pop-up book fans?
EG – I would like to say that you should stop and think how incredible pop up books are: in a society where paper books are disappearing and everything is becoming just a file in our kindle, pop up books can’t be replaced in any technological way and I’m sure they will share their magic in the future. Last but not least, I thank Best Pop Up Books for their incredible work and passion, the idea of a pop up books related website is pure genius.

BPUB – Thank you Elisa for sharing your pop-up book collection with us!


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