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2016 Meggendorfer Prize winners!

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It was an exciting week for us. Actually, this whole month is exciting. Last week, the Movable Book Society announced this year’s Meggendorfer Prize winners in two categories: Artist and Commercial publication. Pop-up and movable enthusiasts from all over the world gathered last weekend at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. We’ve followed the event online and found some great images from new publications and projects. More about this in our upcoming social media round-up so stay tuned for that. Also lot’s of new pop-up titles that are (or will be) published this month. And of course, our video introduction that was shown before the announcement of the winners. But first things first! Lets talk about the winners of the Meggendorfer prize!

Meggendorfer Prize for commercial Books winner

The winner of the Meggendorfer Commercial Book prize is the wonderful Welcome to the Neighborwood by Shawn Sheehy. We already reviewed this beautiful pop-up title and enjoyed it very much because of it’s subtile colors and crafty look. Shawn did a great job maintaining the look and feel of his handmade version of Welcome to the Neighborwood.

Welcome to the Neighborwood is the debut and first trade pop-up book of paper engineer and pop-up book creator Shawn Sheehy. His interest in themes like ecology and evolution has led to the creation of this well thought out and carefully designed pop-up book full of ingenious pop-ups and interesting facts about the animal wildlife. Read our full review…

Other Meggendorfer Prize Finalists for Commercial Book

You may already know some titles from this list but as you can see, the competition was very hard. In case you’re interested you can check out some of these amazing books in our previous reviews or order them online by clicking the Amazon link. Be warned!!! This might be your new wish list for your pop-up book collection!

Paper Engineer(s) Title
Boisrobert & Rigaud That’s My Hat
Chuck Fischer The White House Pop-up Book
Gerard Lo Monaco The Small World of Paper Toys
Courtney Watson McCarthy Dali Pop-ups
Ray Marshall Paper Blossoms: Butterflies & Birds
Denise Price Freedom Trail: Pop Up Book of Boston
Matthew Reinhart Disney Princess: Magical Pop-up World
Matthew Reinhart Game of Thrones
Robert Sabuda The Dragon & the Knight
Shawn Sheehy Welcome to the Neighborwood
Sarah Tavernier Legendary Routes of the World
Yevgeniya Yeretskaya The Mitten: A Classic Pop-up Folktale
Becca Zerkin & David Hawcock The Walking Dead Pop-up Book

 Meggendorfer Prize for Artist Books winner

Bookbinding specialist and purist Graham Patten won the Meggendorfer Award for Best Pop-Up Artist Book for his book Call Me Trimtab. Made out of black walnut wood, bamboo, linen thread and kozo paper, Call Me Trimtab shows a fragmented portrait and quote of Richard Buckminster Fuller:

When I thought about steering the course of the “Spaceship Earth” and all of humanity, I saw most people trying to turn the boat by pushing the bow around. I saw that by being all the way at the tail of the ship, by just kicking my foot to one side or the other, I could create the “low pressure” which would turn the whole ship. If ever someone wanted to write my epitaph, I would want it to say “Call me Trimtab”.

The used techniques of connected strings and floating elements that create a whole are inspired by the work of architect R. Buckminster Fuller who’s especially known for his triangular biosphère designs.


Image credit: Graham Patten

Other close finalists for the Meggendorfer Artist Book prize: Damien Prud’homme for his Entomologie Origamique book with beautiful detailed pop-ups of insects and Bryan Kring’s Sea Monster, a wooden box with an atmospheric and mysterious setting that comes to live when you pull and move the handle.

Our video introduction

This is our BestPopupBooks.com introduction video that was shown before the announcement of the winner. Our very first introduction on video where we talk about how it all started and what we have to offer on our website and channels. We have published this video right after the conference on our YouTube channel and already got some great comments and e-mails! A big thank you for all your support and great feedback!

Upcoming pop-up titles

This month, followed by October, is the big finale of new pop-up book publications! Great new pop-up titles that are not just a great addition for collections but also perfect as a holiday gift. We’ve got them all lined up for you at our Upcoming Pop-up Books list!

Stay tuned for more about the MBS conference. We will also post a social media round-up and a photo gallery at our Facebook page.

Watch our video reviews, discover books on our ranking lists, find the best pop-up books for kids and much more! We will also keep you updated on new pop-up book releases.