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LegacyPop by Fischer and Sabuda

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Best-selling paper engineer Robert Sabuda and pop-up book author Chuck Fischer launched a beautiful joint pop-up venture campaign at Indiegogo called LegacyPop. A collection of highly detailed handmade and laser cut pop-up cards of the world’s greatest architecture. LegacyPop is offering famous historic buildings, colleges and universities like: Monticello, the White House, Mount Vernon, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and more. The project contains an impressive and still expanding list of historical buildings to choose from.

Combining artistry with laser technology, LegacyPop takes the art of pop-up design to a new level of sophistication and style. Our creations will surprise and delight every time you open a LegacyPop card or Special Edition pop-up. Let our paper magic astonish you!

Robert Sabuda and Chuck Fischer both love architecture, especially historical architecture. So they came up with the idea of creating LegacyPop. A powerful combination of interests and skills. The campaign already has started and will run for two more weeks but if you’re fast, you can back their project and own a LegacyPop yourself!

Chuck Fischer about LegacyPop: LegacyPop will offer a line of incredibly detailed and highly sophisticated architectural pop-up cards and large format cloth-bound Special Edition pop-ups.

Examples of LegacyPop cards

LegacyPop is a unique opportunity for collectors of pop-ups to get classic luxury pop-up cards from master pop-up book creators Robert Sabuda and Chuck Fischer. To make this project reality, they need your support! There are great ways to back the project and get your own (signed) collectable LegacyPops. And how about the possibility to order a one of a kind pop-up card of your home. Go check it out and don’t forget to support the LegacyPop project and share it with your friends and family!

Project page link: LegacyPop at Indiegogo
Project website: LegacyPop.com


Chuck Fischer and Robert Sabuda, a great collaboration of two amazing pop-up book creators

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