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junko mizuno triad pop-up book

Junko Mizuno’s Triad Pop-Up Book (pre-order)

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junko mizuno triad pop-up book

It’s finally here! Junko Mizuno’s Triad pop-up book is now available for pre-order at the brand new website triadpopup.com. The Triad pop-up book is a collective art project from artist Junko Mizuno and Paper engineer Rosston Meyer from Poposition Press.

After working together for Poposition’s last project The Pop-Up Art Book, Junko and Rosston decided to make a pop-up book that is all about the artwork that Junko created for her Triad show at the Cotton Candy Machine. This art book introduces you to the world of Junko’s three favorite characters: the nurse, the witch and the wrestler. As you may know, Rosston makes amazing pop-ups out of flat artwork. The Triad pop-up book is a great example of how powerful art as a pop-up subject can be. The effect is beautiful when all the layers of an illustration come to life and pop-out of a page. The process of making such a pop-up book is a close collaboration between artist and paper engineer. Every piece of artwork has to be extracted from the original artwork and new artwork has to be created to fill up the blanks and overlaps in the pop-up. If you want to see how this process is done, you really should take a look at the Poposition Press Facebook page. There you’ll find updates and lots of information about every spread that’s created for this book.

Paper engineering

The Junko Mizuno Triad pop-up book includes all kids of different engineering techniques and paper animations that makes this the most advanced pop-up title Poposition Press has published so far. The talented award winning Paper engineer Simon Arizpe also collaborated on this project. He did the engineering on the ‘Tree’ spread.

It may be clear that this newest release of Poposition Press is a must have for both pop-up book collectors and fans of Junko Mizuno’s art. This new book definitely raises the bar for the category of pop-up art books. It’s the result of close collaboration between artist and engineer like you’ve never seen before.

Rosston Meyer about Triad:

“Working with some of my favorite artists like Junko has been a dream of mine since I started making books a few years ago, and I’m extremely proud and honored to be able to collaborate with her (and with Simon Arizpe who engineered the ‘Tree’ spread)  on this project. With such complicated art, each spread was a challenge to cut down into separate pieces and engineer, and Junko did an amazing job of not only providing fill in art but a lot of additional and sometimes hidden artwork for each spread in Triad. I’m looking forward to sharing this book with pop up book collectors and fans of Junko’s work around the world.”

Pop-up spreads in Triad

Depicting the big fight between the Wrestler and the Shark, Ocean has been transformed from a portrait image into a landscape popup with new characters and artwork added.

Color, new artwork, characters and fill ins added.

The three portraits of the Nurse, Witch and Wrestler are set in frames in the three part Triptych pop-up.

The detailed Mansion pops-out in over 6 rooms, with a pull tab, flap, and even a hidden rat!

Also converted from a portrait image to a landscape pop up, new artwork added throughout including two hidden surprises!

Ink Triptych
(Special Edition Pop-up) – The Surgery, Magic and Tiger images are brought together in another 3 part pop-up spread.

Order the Triad pop-up book

Triad is available in two editions: a standard edition with five pop up spreads, and a special edition limited to only 100 copies. The special edition of Triad includes six pop ups (including the special edition only Ink Triptych spread), a laser etched acrylic slipcase, double sided pull-out poster, and is signed and numbered by Junko Mizuno.

junko mizuno triad pop-up book

Standard Edition

The standard edition of Triad includes these 5 pop ups that have been completely reworked from Junko’s original art: Ocean, Serpent, Triptych, Mansion and Tree. The standard edition also includes a foil logo on the front cover and spine, and a wraparound casewrap of the Dawn image.

Also, a limited edition slipcase is available as an add-on purchase for the standard edition.

Pre-order now


Special Edition

Limited to only 100 copies, the special edition includes 6 pop ups that have been completely reworked from Junko’s original art: Ink Triptych, Ocean, Serpent, Triptych, Mansion and Tree.

The special edition also includes a laser etched acrylic slipcase, special double sided pull-out poster spread featuring the Dawn and Night images, and is signed and numbered by Junko Mizuno.

Pre-order now

Production of the book is currently in progress and Poposition Press expects to ship the books out in either Q4 2016 or Q1 2017. Email updates will be sent to all customers as production is completed and shipping dates are set. More info at triadpopup.com.

Artwork: Junko Mizuno
Design & Paper Engineering: Rosston Meyer
Paper Engineering on Tree: Simon Arizpe


Image credits: www.triadpopup.com

Rosston Meyer and his studio Poposition are known for projects like the Pop-Up Funk book and The Pop-Up Art Book. Meyer makes popup books with visual artists, transforming their work into pop-up spreads.

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