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Halloween Pop-Up Special 2017

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To celebrate Halloween, we have compiled a special with the scariest but most beautiful Halloween pop-up books and DIY projects. In this Special you’ll find new video reviews like the classic Dracula pop-up book by David Hawcock, The Pop-Up Book of Phobias by Matthew Reinhart and also the wonderful and funny Silly Skeletons pop-up book, our new Halloween Gift Guide and some extra treats for those who can’t get enough of Halloween pop-ups. Enjoy this 2017 Halloween Pop-Up Special and have a Happy Halloween!

New Halloween video reviews

Above you’ll find our newest pop-up book video reviews related to Halloween. A great mix of different styles and techniques of art and paper engineering. We’ve selected four pop-up books for young and old and tried to capture these great titles with the right (spooky) music to get you in the mood for Halloween! If you like to see more pop-up book reviews, visit our YouTube channel and don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment. We love to know what you think and what your favorite pop-up books are!

The Walking Dead pop-up book

This is no average pop-up book but an advanced giant packed with beautiful artwork from Sally Elizabeth Jackson and amazing paper engineering by Becca Zerkin and David Hawcock. Because of its graphic illustrations of zombies (also known as walkers) and blood, this is more a book in the adult category. We were lucky to get our hands on a copy and we’ve made a review and video to share with you. But be warned, the dead are alive and popping! Read more…

Halloween Pop-Up Book Gift Guide

To celebrate Halloween we’ve selected the best Halloween pop-up books for you to give as a present to your family or friends. It’s all in our Halloween Gift Guide! You can choose from haunted houses, Halloween pop-up books for kids and even some collectable pop-up titles that are available for order. Visit our Halloween Gift Guide and order the perfect gift!  Continue reading…

DIY Halloween pop-ups

halloween pop-up template

Especially for the creative ones, who’ve always wanted to make their own pop-ups, here are some great DIY Halloween pop-up tutorials and downloadable templates to make some spooky pop-ups at home. We’ve selected a nice variety of do-it-yourself pop-ups which are perfect for Halloween and also easy to create. Have fun and be as creative as you want! Continue reading…

Halloween Pop-up book Gallery

The gallery above is a preview of our special Halloween themed pop-up book gallery. This page shows you all the highlights of our most scary video reviews. Enjoy the great artwork and most amazing paper engineering from the books that we have reviewed. Click here to visit the Halloween pop-up book gallery.

The Nightmare before Christmas

We’re very excited about this one and we’re just in time to share it with you for Halloween! We’ve got some exclusive sneak peeks of the upcoming The Nightmare before Christmas pop-up book, the very first holiday pop-up title created by Matthew Reinhart. Continue reading…

The Necronomicon Pop-Up Book

A new art book is on it’s way and it looks very promising! The Necronomicon Pop-Up Book is the fourth pop-up title published by Poposition Press and it’s the most evil pop-up book ever. For those who want to be first, you can already pre-order this beauty. Continue reading…

Our Halloween Favorites

Header image credit: Silly Skeletons

Watch our video reviews, discover books on our ranking lists, find the best pop-up books for kids and much more! We will also keep you updated on new pop-up book releases.

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