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Giveaway Party Winners!

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Pop-up-book-giveaway-winnersIt’s finally time to announce the winners of our Pop-Up Book Giveaway Party! Before we start we would like to thank all participants of this Share-and-Win for their contribution. It’s great to see all those shares and likes. Awesome! So how to pick a winner? We carefully collected all submissions and randomly selected one winner per book out of all shared posts. It took some preparation but it was so much fun to do!  

The winners!

Congratulations to the winners below! Are you a winner? All you have to do next is send us a Private Message on FaceBook or Twitter so we can ask for your address. Your prize will be send to you as soon as possible! We hope that you’ll enjoy your pop-up book and please let us know when you’ve received it.

Encyclopedia Gods & Heroes
Andrés Del Barrio Pérez (FaceBook)

What a Mess!
Nours Maloso  (FaceBook)

Junko Mizuno’s TRIAD
Abby Schoolman (Twitter)

Paper Blossoms for All Seasons
Caitlin Agnew (Twitter)

Neta McKinney (FaceBook)

Disney Princess
Aby KirOz (FaceBook)

The Snow Queen
Katherine Clarel (FaceBook)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Elisa Gozzi (FaceBook)
Nadya SY (Twitter)
Ornella Bellucci‏ (Twitter)

In case you didn’t win, we’re sorry but don’t worry. We will have more Giveaways in the future. So don’t forget to follow us on FaceBook, Youtube and Twitter. And meanwhile, please don’t forget to support our channel and help us spread the word about pop-ups!

Thank you so much!!!

This pop-up book Giveaway could never happen without the help of the publishers and authors of the prizes. We would like to thank Up With Paper, Insight Editions, Poposition Press, Matthew Reinhart, 5AM PressChronicle Books and Jumping Jack Press. Your support has been amazing!

Special thanks to:

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