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Funny Birds pop-up book Philippe Ug

Funny Birds Pop-Up Book


Meet paper artist Philippe UG and his stylish en brilliantly engineered pop-up books. In this video review of the Funny Birds pop-up book you’ll find nothing but the most colorful and exotic birds that you have ever seen in a book. Philippe UG has created a bird paradise with a total of 14 unique and three dimensional designed birds of all shapes and sizes, one even more beautiful than the other.

Feathers and Wings!

High up in the trees, funny birds are hatching from their eggs, ready to explore their new environment. The beauty of birds and their habits are creatively translated into this cheerful and colorful pop-up book that will be a joy to read for all ages. The combination of Philippe UG’s exquisite paper design and stunning use of colors make this book a must have for those who are fascinated with birds or art books, and of course pop-up book collectors.

Order at Amazon: Funny Birds

Author: Philippe UG
Publisher: Prestel

Philippe Ug pop-up books

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