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frozen pop-up book

Frozen Pop-Up Book Cover Artwork

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Just a while ago we already wrote about Matthew Reinhart’s upcoming pop-up book title, Frozen Pop-Up Adventure. Back then we didn’t have a lot of information or details to share with you, but in the meantime we‘ve come to know a little more about this magical pop-up book and we are eager to share with you. You’ve seen it first at BestPopUpBooks.com!

“Frozen incorporates several really fun, interactive storytelling mechanisms…”

Matthew Reinhart interview

We are pleasantly surprised with our discovery of the official Frozen pop-up book artwork that recently showed up on Reddit.com. The beautiful colors and illustrations makes us very curious about it’s content. To make things even more exciting, the back cover of the book also shows us a preview of one of the featured pop-up spreads containing a giant ice castle.

From the renowned paper engineer Matthew Reinhart comes a beautifully detailed retelling of Frozen. Featuring delightful illustrations and dozens of shimmering pop-ups, this work of art revisits Elsa and Anna’s epic journey to break the spell of a perpetual winter. The magical pop-up adventure is a breathtaking tribute to Frozen’s beloved characters and a testament to the power of true love.

This book features nearly 20 pop-ups that will bring the magical world of Elsa en Anna to life. According to Reinhart it will be a MONSTER book! Read all about it in our interview with Matthew Reinhart. The Frozen Pop-Up Adventure is scheduled for October 4 this year and will be published by Disney. For those who want to be first to reach, it ‘s already available for pre-order at Amazon: Frozen Pop-Up Adventure

frozen pop-up book mock-upMock-up based on the Frozen pop-up book artwork

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