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DIY – How to make a pop-up – Emerald City of Oz

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A few days ago we posted our latest video review from the Wonderful Wizard of Oz pop-up book. We are absolutely in love with the beautiful Emerald Palace pop-up spread so we decided to make one ourselves! We did this with the help of a print-ready template we found on Robert Sabuda’s website. Robert Sabuda is one the best pop-up book creators from this moment and he offers a lot more downloadable templates to make your own pop-ups. If you’ve always wanted to make your own pop-ups you should definitely take a look at his How to make a pop-up page. If you want more information about how to make pop-ups you can also visit our How to page.

We’ve captured our project to show you how to make your own Emerald City pop-up! Just follow the steps and be as creative as you want!

How to make a pop-up – Emerald City of Oz


  1. Download and print the Emerald City of Oz template
  2. Color in the pieces before you cut them out, this makes it easier because your paper is still flat
  3. Color the pieces any way you like, you can also add some details
  4. Use a ruler and a dotting tool and press along the dashed lines to score the folds
  5. Cut out your pieces along the solid black lines, use a craft knife and/or scissors
  6. Now fold all the pieces along the dashed lines
  7. The scoring you did earlier ensures nice and clean folds
  8. Attach the first piece to the base by applying a small amount of glue or double sided tape on the indicated areas
  9. Attach the second piece to the base and to the first piece on the indicated areas
  10. Now attach the last piece to the base
  11. You’re done!
  12. Have fun with your own Emerald Palace pop-up!

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