Some animated books open on the gardens

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Some animated books open on the gardens

Post by Daniel » Sun Jun 28, 2020 3:28 pm

It is not the gates of a garden that we open, but pages of books, the opening of which also brings us to wonder and reverie.
From the vast expanses of the gardens of "Versailles" to the small patio of the "Maison de Martine", the magic of the cut paper and its highlighting do not fail to take our imagination on a journey.
So also the large and superb three-dimensional painting of the "Promenade dans le jardin de Monnet", once unfolded, inevitably transports us into the impressionist universe of the painter, near the illustrious water lily pond.
There are also many animated story books whose action takes place in gardens or parks. Here, for example, "Le Maître du jardin" and "Jardin bleu" where again, not exposed for lack of space, the famous "Grand livre animé de Pierre Lapin".
Whether vegetable, floral, or purely imaginary, let’s remember that happiness is cultivated in these places.


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