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Christmas pop-up book Robert Sabuda

Christmas Pop-Up (Classic)

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Christmas Pop-up book by Robert Sabuda (Classic Collectible Pop-Up)

Here is the ultimate classic Christmas pop-up book made by Robert Sabuda. This Christmas pop-up book is derived from Sabuda’s first pop-up book created in 1994, “The Christmas Alphabet“. This tiny pop-up book of only 14 cm tall shows us the letters C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S in 9 beautiful pop-ups which get you in the Christmas mood immediately.

As we have seen more often from Sabuda, he has many of his Christmas related books engineered completely in white paper with charming details in silver and gold. The white pop-ups go beautifully with the solid colored backgrounds in the most beautiful pastel shades.

Altogether this book is a must have for the lovers of Christmas, the winter season, and of course pop-up book collectors. This classic Robert Sabuda Christmas pop-up book can not be missing in your collection!

If you are looking for a very special and original Christmas gift for someone or if you want to buy this book for yourself visit the following Amazon link:

Order at Amazon: Christmas (Classic Collectible Pop-Up)
Author: Robert Sabuda

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Robert Sabuda is one of the biggest names in pop-up culture. One of the must have children’s pop-up book authors. He works from his studio in New York and is active in many projects involving movable paper.

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