Hi My name is Jacek

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Hi My name is Jacek

Post by jacek » Sun Jun 07, 2020 10:34 pm

HI. I am not new to pop-ups. I did already a few of them in the form of pop-up greeting cards. You may see some of them at Etsy shop where I posted a few of my designs with no advertising so far and sometimes somebody finds them attractive. (https://www.etsy.com/shop/popupflowers) You can see some of my work at Paperbee.net and Alfac.us Just the last couple of years I sunk all my time into developing commercial now patent-pending projects. My first ever paper project was a paper steam engine I did in the 4th grade of grammar school. I received first prize and my school would send my piece for national competition but like every boy; I was too attached to my toy to give it up. The next time I was playing with the paper was when after closing my Glass Christmas Ornaments company in 2008 I developed a series of pop-ups and showed them at the NY National Stationery Show. The strange time was with independent gift shops still suffering after the 2008 crash and still going in droves out of business. A fellow I met, who had 1500 accounts, estimated that within a year 40% will go out of business. The best time to sell real estate is the time when nobody buys anything. So in 2008, I jumped into Real Estate business. Dealing again with paper, 40 pages of the average contract. The Paper Staples hurting fingers and the fossils of the office world -130 years old Ring binders. Forced me to develop something better than the so outdated and difficult to use stuff. So among few things I developed Ring-less binder. Binder without rings. Made from a single sheet of material. Working with paper gives you certain knowledge and with a little imagination, you can develop wonders.
Now I am looking for new challenges tempted by pop-up books.

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Re: Hi My name is Jacek

Post by BestPopUpBooks » Tue Jun 16, 2020 3:43 pm

Hi Jacek, welcome to our forum!

As you may have noticed it’s a bit quiet here so feel free to share your work! Even though, the posts here do get a lot of views so it’s worth it to share.

Looking forward to see what you’ll create and best of luck with your new pop-up journey!

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