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24 Hour Flowers pop-up

24 Hour Flowers (Kickstarter Project)

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24 Hour Flowers pop-up

On the inside of this old and rusty clock you’ll find 8 species of flowers that all have one thing in common: their blooms only last for one day! Prepare for a journey full of new botanical knowledge and breathtaking classic illustrations. 24 Hour Flowers is a unique 12-sided pop-up book with lots of facts about four flora families. You will learn what makes them the same, and what makes them different.

24 Hour Flowers is succesfully funded!

October 2, 2017

It’s no secret that we are huge fans of independent pop-up book publishers and creators. Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter are the perfect place to discover amazing and unique projects created by talented Paper Engineers and Artists. One of the most recent and running projects on Kickstarter right now is the beautiful pop-up book 24 Hours Flowers, created by artist Emily Brooks and Paper Engineer Matt Holbein. Matt and Emily are also the creators of the successful funded Kickstarter pop-up project The Bee Book.

About 24 hour flowers

Matt and Emily demonstrate the 24 Hours Flowers Pop-up book. They also talk about how they developed and designed this pop-up starting from prototype to finished product.

24 Hour Flowers is a celebration of fleeting flora, but it also functions as an educational tool to learn about plant taxonomy, or how plants are arranged into families. First, the book divides bilaterally into monocotyldons on the left and dicotyldons on the right– the most basic distinction in classifying plants. These two sections are each sub-divided into two families, a garden grows amongst clock gears, and within each family two species are featured for a total of 8 blooms growing from the center of the book.

Support this project

It’s very important for projects like this to reach their goal. Without the support of backers, it would not be possible to take the next and final step to production. Support Matt and Emily on Kickstarter to realize this original designed pop-up. You can pledge, starting from $30,- for a signed copy of 24 Hour Flowers. It’s also possible to donate a couple of dollars, just to help them on their way to reach their goal of $9,500.

24 Hour Flowers pop-up

Pledge $30 or more

• 1 Copy of 24 Hour Flowers

Also includes:

• Hand-written thank you card
• Signed copy of 24 Hour Flowers

Ships to Anywhere in the world

Support on Kickstarter

If you would like to know more about this project and the work of Matt and Emily, visit the links below and don’t forget to share this with your friends. A share is worth at least the same as a donation!

Artwork: Emily Brooks
Paper Engineering: Matt Holbein

Link to Kickstarter Project: 24 Hour Flowers
More info at www.thefoliagelibrary.com

Image credit: The Foliage Library

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