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The Pop-Up Art Book

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The Pop-Up Art Book by Poposition Press

The Pop-Up Art Book is a collaborative successful Kickstarter project by Poposition Press (Rosston Meyer and Marc Meyer), known from the artistic Pop-up Funk book. This beautiful pop-up book brings together the six artists Angry Woebots, Skinner, kozyndan, Junko Mizuno, Tara McPherson and Jim Mahfood.
The Pop-Up Art Book represents different styles like comic book artwork, street art, illustration and fine art. Each artist contributes with their own original artwork that has been digitally deconstructed and then reconstructed into 6 surprising multidimensional pop-up spreads.

Laser cutting

One spread we want to point out is the elegant “Drowning Party” from Kozyndan. It’s the only spread in this book that was cut with lasers. Only lasers can handle the curvy and highly detailed lines used in this design. Opening this spread is┬ábreathtaking and it’s a joy to see how the light creates amazing shadows around the detailed contours. A very artistic approach of making a pop-up, getting the most out of the artwork and it’s elements. The washed out colors, detailed illustration and paper engineering work very well together.

This highly collectible book (which by the way is almost sold out) is a great addition to the other pop-up book titles in the Art genre. It’s a mix of different flavors and styles and works great combined with the subtle paper engineering that leaves enough space for the artwork to shine. A nice bonus for pop-up book collectors is the foreword written by David A. Carter.

Order The Pop-Up Art Book at Amazon: The Pop-Up Art Book

Published by Poposition Press
Paper Engineering by Rosston Meyer and Marc Meyer
Book Design by Kevin Steele

Interview with Rosston Meyer

We have interviewed Rosston Meyer from Poposition Press and asked him about his work and this project. You can read the interview here: Interview Rosston Meyer Poposition Press

The Pop-Up Art Book comes in 3 different editions, the Standard Edition, the Artist Edition and the Master Edition. The Standard Edition includes these 6 amazing pop-up spreads as seen in our video review. The Artist Edition comes with an extra special artist pop-up page and cool features like special cover artwork and the artist signature. And for those who think it couldn’t get any better, there’s also a Master Edition including 6 special Artist Edition pages! Altogether this book has a total of 12 pop-up pages that will be bound as 2 page books per artist. The Master Edition comes with a special die cut cover and also includes signatures from all 6 artists. Both the Artist and Master Edition are 100% handmade by Poposition Press.

Artwork by:
Howling Masher by Aaron Woes Martin
Morrigan Lupus by Skinner
Drowning Party by Kozyndan
Pancakes by Junko Mizuno
The Water Nebula by Tara McPherson
Bubble Gum Gangsters by Jim Mahfood

The design and paper engineering of The Pop-Up Art Book took place in the United States and has been printed and assembled in China.

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Rosston Meyer

Rosston Meyer and his studio Poposition are known for projects like the Pop-Up Funk book and The Pop-Up Art Book. Meyer makes popup books with visual artists, transforming their work into pop-up spreads.

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