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Halloween Gift Ideas (Updated)

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To celebrate Halloween we’ve selected the best Halloween pop-up books for you to give as a present to your family or friends. There’s all kinds of scary pop-up books for both kids and adults, collectable pop-up titles and of course the most beautiful pop-up greeting cards to send this Halloween. Take a look at this selection that makes it much easier to find the perfect Halloween gift.

Haunted Houses

Watch your back! This selection of scary pop-up books is all about haunted houses! Find out what’s behind a closed door or pull a tab to wake the ghosts. A fun list with scary and haunted pop-up books including the Haunted House pop-up classic created by Jan Pienkowski.

Halloween pop-up books for kids

Halloween can be a bit scary for kids but these pop-up books help them to get over their fears. Ghosts and monsters can be nice and cute especially the ones in this list. Make friends with adorable monsters and creatures that come to life in this Halloween pop-up book selection for kids!

Together forever pop-up greeting card

Send a special pop-up card to someone you love the most! This sweet and spooky Halloween Together Forever pop-up greeting card comes from UWP LUXE, a luxury/boutique division of Up With Paper.

Click here to take a look at their unique assortment of paper-engineered products.


up with paper Halloween pop-up cards

Surprise someone with a Halloween pop-up greeting card from Up With Paper. They offer all kinds of beautiful (quality) pop-up cards like classic pumpkins, spooky skeletons, black cats and lots of silly ghosts! Click here for more Halloween pop-up cards by Up With Paper.

Scary pop-up books for adults

The following pop-up titles are perfect for adults who enjoy the horror genre. It’s a mix of advanced and artistic pop-up books created by the most talented paper engineers. Find a special gift for anybody who loves scary stories.

Skinner's Necronomicon Pop-Up Book


This brand new and very dark pop-up book, published by Poposition Press, is now ready for pre-orders! The Necronomicon Pop-Up Book is available in 2 editions.

Pre-order now for discounted pricing and get a free enamel pin! Click here…

Pop-up book collectables: Halloween edition

Going trough all these amazing pop-up titles on Amazon, we also discover some new and used collectable (and sometimes pricey) pop-up books. Some titles are old or very exclusive and if you really want to spend some money, you can even find brand new editions of very exclusive pop-up titles. Most books are single ones for sale at Amazon by third party sellers so you have to be quick!

Watch our video reviews, discover books on our ranking lists, find the best pop-up books for kids and much more! We will also keep you updated on new pop-up book releases.

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