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diy halloween pop-up

DIY Halloween Pop-Up Tutorials


diy halloween pop-upHalloween is getting closer and especially for the creative ones, who’ve always wanted to make their own pop-ups, here are some great DIY Halloween pop-up tutorials and downloadable templates to make some spooky pop-ups at home. We’ve selected a nice variety of do-it-yourself pop-ups which are perfect for Halloween and also easy to create. Have fun and be as creative as you want!

Halloween pop-up tutorial by Matthew Reinhart

Great news! Pop-up book author Matthew Reinhart started his own YouTube Channel. In his first tutorial videos Matthew Reinhart shows you how to make your own Halloween pop-up cards while he explains the different techniques he uses. These videos are both fun and educational for everyone who’s interested in making pop-ups, but also perfect for those who are just looking for some great do-it-yourself Halloween paper craft projects. Let’s make it pop!

DIY Halloween pop-up templates by Robert Sabuda

Paper engineer and pop-up book author Robert Sabuda offers a big variety of downloadable pop-up templates on his website. Some of these print-ready templates are great to use for Halloween so we’ve selected the most spooky and scary ones for you to create your own amazing Halloween pop-ups! You can choose from the following templates: Bat, Bug, Spider, Frankenstein, Ghost and Witch.

Header image pop-up credit: Ghost template from RobertSabuda.com

Random DIY Halloween pop-up tutorial videos

DIY Halloween pop-up templates by Martha Steward

Martha Steward also offers some downloadable DIY Halloween pop-up templates on her website! These templates are print-ready and the pop-ups are slightly easier to make because you’ll only need the cut and fold the paper (like kirigami) instead of cutting and gluing multiple pieces together.

Take a look at these Halloween Pop-Up Templates by Martha Steward.

Horrorgami: DIY kirigami

Horrorgami, created by Paper Dandy, is a DIY book that features 20 cut-and-fold kirigami designs based around scenes from horror films. All 20 designs look great and the pictures of the examples look breathtaking. All you need are some tools, patience and a nice place to display the result. Horrorgami is unique and surprising, it’s fun to make something great out of a flat piece of paper. If you do have the patience, like the horror genre and you would like to give kirigami a try, then Horrorgami is absolutely a must have! The perfect DIY project for after midnight or Halloween.

We gave it a try and ordered Horrorgami to review. Read more…

Do-it-yourself: supplies

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