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Christmas pop-up templates and DIY

DIY Christmas Pop-Up Tutorials

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Christmas pop-up templates and DIYIt’s almost Christmas and for those who want to make their own Christmas pop-ups, we have selected some great DIY Christmas pop-up tutorials and downloadable templates to create your own Christmas pop-up cards and decorations! Below you’ll find a nice variety of do-it-yourself pop-ups which are easy to make and perfect for the Holiday season. But there’s more! Video tutorials by master paper engineers, all the supplies you’ll need to get started and we have some handy tips about how to decorate and color your pop-ups. Enjoy our festive DIY Christmas pop-up special and have creative and sparkling Holidays!

Christmas Pop-up Templates By Paper Engineers

On the following websites you will find many templates to make your own Christmas themed pop-ups. We have selected a nice variety of Christmas pop-up designs that will ensure you hours of paper crafting pleasure. Most of these pop-up templates are print-ready and can be downloaded in PDF format so you can get started with creating pop-ups right away!

Robert Sabuda

Robert Sabuda Christmas POp-up template DIYRobert Sabuda is known for his beautiful Christmas pop-up designs. On his website he offers a big variety of print-ready Christmas pop-up templates for you to choose from. Visit webiste…

Matthew Reinhart

Matthew Reinhart Christmas Pop-up templateOn Matthew Reinhart’s website you’ll find many print-ready pop-up templates that are easy and fun to make. There’s also a beautiful pop-up template of a Christmas wreath. Visit website…


On Popupology, a website by brilliant Paper Engineer Elod Beregszaszi, you can download a beautiful and minimalistic design of a snowflake pop-up card. There’s also a video tutorial to help you on your way. Visit website…

Peter Dahmen Papierdesign

Peter Dahmen Christmas Pop-up templatesGerman paper engineer Peter Dahmen is a specialist in pop-ups and Christmas. On his website you can download templates like a beautiful full color star, a pop-up Christmas tree (our favorite) and much more!  Visit website…

Christmas pop-up video tutorials by Matthew Reinhart

Paper Engineer Matthew Reinhart shows you how to make your own Christmas pop-ups creations like a Christmas advent calendar packed with mini pop-ups and a talking pop-up Nutcracker! These video tutorials, narrated by Matthew Reinhart himself, are both fun and educational for everyone. His latest tutorials are all about the Holidays and great Christmas paper craft projects. Visit and subscribe to Matthew Reinhart’s brand new YouTube Channel and Let’s make it pop!

DIY Pop-up Gingerbread house by Tina Kraus


Paper engineer and pop-up creator Tina Kraus shared a wonderful Gingerbread House pop-up card template. The instructions are in German but there’s a video to guide you. You can find this tutorial on the faltmanufaktur website or download the template here.

Tips and tricks for creating beautiful pop-up cards

Creating Christmas pop-ups with templates is very entertaining. Most printable pop-up templates come in black & white so you might want to color and decorate your project. You can give your project some color with markers, paint or colored paper but there’s much more that you can do to give your project that extra Christmas touch!

Glitter & glue

Some of the most beautiful winter and Christmas pop-up books we know use glitters. The effect of glitters works best when an object is moving and you’ve guessed it right, thats why a pop-up is perfect to use for glitters! By using holographic glitter on white paper, you can make a pop-up look like it’s frosted or you can add some holographic glitter to snowy landscapes for that extra touch of sparkling snow. Another great usage of glitter is to use the same color glitter as the paper. By adding red glitters to red paper, the pop-up transforms into a festive holiday pop-up! It’s very easy to decorate your pop-ups with glitter by first drawing some glue lines around the cut-outs and sprinkle those with glitters. Let it dry for about an hour and carefully brush off the remaining glitter that you can re-use for your next projects. There’s no need to use strong glue to add glitters so we recommend to use Elmer’s School Glue which dries transparent. Working with glitter can be a bit messy. If you don’t want your desk (and yourself) covered with glitters you can also choose for Glitter Glue, a two-in-one product that is less wasteful and easy to apply.

DIY Christmas pop-up glitter card howto


You can choose from a variety of beautiful paper sheets that you can order online but there are many other ways of being creative with what you can use to decorate a Christmas pop-up. You can cut out details or patterns from Christmas wrapping paper and glue that on your pop-up. You can also use ribbon, that folds in-and-out with your pop-ups with ease. And let’s not forget gold and silver(chrome) paper that is perfect for that typical Christmas look! There’s so much more than colored paper to use for your Christmas pop-ups. Just look around in your house for empty packages (gold and silver paper), ribbons, glitters, some Christmas wrapping paper and don’t forget to check out our pop-up supplies guide for everything else you’ll need to create pop-ups. All you need is your imagination and you’re good to go! Just make sure your pop-up don’t gets to bulky.

Christmas Color combinations

The most basic Christmas color combinations are obvious but beautiful. Did you know that the most used combination for DIY projects is the classic combination of candy cane red and white? But there’s so much more to discover and use as a color palette for your Christmas project! In case you’re looking for inspiration to give your Christmas pop-up some color, we’ve created a set of color combinations that fits almost every pop-up theme or design. How about a palette of Santa’s workshop with some gold details? Or a beautiful combination of blues and bright yellow to create an Arctic night? It’s all in our Christmas Color guide!

Random DIY Christmas pop-up tutorial videos

There are a lot of great pop-up tutorials about Christmas pop-ups on YouTube to find. Work from paper engineers like Peter Dahmen and Matthew Reinhart but also very talented paper artists who share their ideas and take their time to explain how a pop-up is build. This is a random selection of some fun Christmas tutorials that we’ve found for you.

Do-it-yourself Christmas Supplies

This is a brief selection of products that we’ve mentioned above that can be used to decorate Christmas pop-ups. Creating your own pop-ups is the most fun when you have the right tools to work with. So that’s why we also have made a selection of the most useful products when it comes to working with paper and pop-ups. Continue to the pop-up supplies page…

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Christmas DIY pop-up special! If you would like to know more about creating pop-ups you can take a look at our How-to pages about making pop-ups, books about paper engineering and more pop-up tutorials and templates. Don’t forget to share this page with your friends and family!

Watch our video reviews, discover books on our ranking lists, find the best pop-up books for kids and much more! We will also keep you updated on new pop-up book releases.

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