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Paddington 2: A Pop-Up Movie (October 12, 2017 11:27 pm)
Award winning pop-up cake! (September 5, 2017 9:12 pm)
popUPmania! Sept 9-10 Brooklyn NY (August 23, 2017 12:57 pm)
Pop-up Book World Records (August 6, 2017 1:40 pm)
Giveaway Party Winners! (July 22, 2017 3:03 pm)

Pop-up news


Paddington 2: A Pop-Up Movie

Oct 12, 2017No Comments

We have some great news for fans of pop-ups and Paddington Bear! The new Paddington 2 movie, in theaters December 6, features a magical pop-up book. Paper Engineer


Award winning pop-up cake...

How about that? A real pop-up cake! And not

Sep 05, 2017

popUPmania! Sept 9-10 Bro...

During this years Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair, there will be

Aug 23, 2017

Pop-up Book World Records

This week, the World record for smallest pop-up book

Aug 06, 2017

Scary and spooky pop-up books

halloween pop-up books

Discover the most scary and spooky pop-up books which are available on Amazon. There’s all kinds of scary pop-up books for both kids and adults, collectable pop-up titles and of course the most beautiful pop-up greeting cards to send this Halloween. Take a look at this selection that makes it much easier to find the perfect Halloween gift.

Ranked Reviews


This Book Is a Planetarium

This Book Is a Planetarium

Oct 09, 2017Comments off

In this review we are going to take a closer look at a brand new pop-up book titled: This Book is a Planetarium. Yes, this pop-up book is a planetarium

Leaves: An Autumn Pop-Up Book

Leaves: An Autumn Pop-Up ...

To celebrate the arrival of autumn we are going

Sep 10, 2017
Youtube thumb circus Zincaro pop-up book

Circus Zingaro: A Pop-up ...

In this review we are going to take a

Aug 13, 2017
Paper Blossoms for All Seasons Pop-Up Book

Paper Blossoms for All Se...

Paper Blossoms for All Seasons is a beautiful pop-up

Jun 04, 2017

Halloween favorites

Pop-up book of Phobias by Matthew Reinhart

The Pop-Up Book of Phobias

Oct 15, 2017Comments off

Are you scared of clowns, spiders or heights? Does a visit to the dentist make you sweat

silly ghosts pop-up book

Silly Ghosts: A Haunted Pop-Up Book

Nov 06, 2016Comments off

BestPopupBooks will bring you the most spooky and creepy pop-up books to get you in the mood

haunted house pop-up book

Haunted House Pop-Up Book

Nov 06, 2016No Comments

Enjoy a tour of this spooky old house where a spine-tingling surprise lurks in every dark corner.

mommy pop-up book

Mommy? A Pop-Up Book

Oct 18, 2016Comments off

In Mommy? A Pop-Up Book we follow a young boy dressed in blue pajamas in search for

The Raven pop up book

The Raven: A Pop-Up Book by David Pelham

Oct 08, 2016Comments off

The Raven: A Pop-Up Book is a dark and sinister, but beautiful pop-up title created by designer

The Walking dead pop-up book

The Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Book

Nov 25, 2015Comments off

The new Walking Dead pop-up book, The Walking dead: The Pop-Up Book, is a great addition to

Halloween Pop-up Book gallery

The gallery above is a preview of our special Halloween themed pop-up book gallery. This page shows you all the highlights of our most scary video reviews. Enjoy the great artwork and most amazing paper engineering from the books that we have reviewed. Click here to visit the Halloween pop-up book gallery.

Pop-up book collectors


Pop-up Book Collector Elisa

Oct 10, 2017Comments off

In this collector interview we are going to meet Elisa Gozzi and her pop-up book collection. Elisa, who also won a prize with our Giveaway event, is a student of Art History in Bologna,


Pop-up Book Collector ...

We would like you to meet pop-up book

Jul 08, 2017

Pop-up Book Collector ...

In this Collectors Interview we share the touching

May 13, 2017

Pop-Up Tutorials

halloween pop-up template

DIY Halloween Pop-Up Tutorials

Sep 20, 2017Comments off

Halloween is just around the corner and especially for the creative ones, here are some great DIY Halloween pop-up tutorials and downloadable templates to make some spooky

diy valentine pop-up

DIY Valentine’...

Looking for a great way to surprise your

Feb 11, 2017
Christmas pop-up templates and DIY

DIY Christmas Pop-Up...

It’s almost Christmas and for those who want to

Dec 21, 2016

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The Raven Pop-up Book

The Raven: A Pop-up Book

Master paper engineer David Pelham amazes us once again with his pop-up design interpreting this haunting love story.
Order at Amazon

Favorite YouTube comments

Woah this stuff is so cool, I had no idea these things existed! Insane detail going on in this book. 
Commented on The Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Book
DIY Pop-up templates

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Horrorgami kirigami


Horrorgami is a DIY book that features 20 cut-and-fold kirigami designs based around scenes from horror films.
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